Scott Yurgalevicz  currently resides in Roxborough, PA and has been teaching at the Umbria Golf Center for 2 years now. He began his career as the 1st Assistant Golf Professional at Radnor Valley Country Club for 3 years prior to starting up the Yur Golf Swing Teaching Academy.

Scott grew up in the town of Torrington, CT and has been learning the game of golf for almost 16 years. Introduced to the game of golf at age 10 by his now passed Great Uncle “Ray”, Scott has been a student of the game since receiving his first set of hand me down golf clubs.

As a student of the game Scott received lessons and advice from many of the top golf instructors in Connecticut and Pennsylvania such as Connecticut PGA Teacher of Year Chet Dunlop, Philadelphia PGA Teacher of the year Lou Guzzi, Nelson Ranco and Head Golf Professional George Forster, and his current mentor Mike Dynda. He also had the pleasure of working at the Ocean Reef Club where he discussed the golf swing with Top 100 Golf Instructor Jimmy Ballard. During his time at the Ocean Reed Club Scott was given the chance to observe Jimmy Ballard as he instructed some of the worlds top golfers such as Rocco Mediate, Paul Azinger, and Jesper Parnevik. Scott has instructed a myraid of students including doctors, lawyers, socialites, and even NBA Star Kyle Lowry.

In his studies of the golf swing he has crossed paths with many popular writings such as Jack Nicklaus’ “Golf My Way”, Jim Hardy “The Plane Truth for Golfers” & “The Plane Truth for Golfers: The Master Class”, David Leadbetter’s “Positive Practice”, David Pelz “Short Game Bible”, Tiger Woods’ “How I Play Golf” and many others.  He uses many of the core ideas found in these teaching to help convey certain aspects of the golf game to his students.

Aside from studying the mysteries of the golf swing, Scott also enjoys creating his own training aides to help aid his students games and his own. Many of these homemade and non homemade training aides can be found at the newly opened “Yur Golf Swing Teaching Academy”

In his spare time Scott enjoys going back to his alma mater Villanova to attend basketball games and the occasional Villanova Rugby Football Club matches (played for 3 years and club president). He has high expectations for the “Yur Golf Swing Teaching Academy” and is working hard with the Umbria Golf Center to develop a indoor driving range and teaching facility also located on Umbria Street in Manayunk.

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